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About Us

Gemliving Design Corporation was established with the vision of providing high-quality, refined interior products, and furniture handmade by Japanese artisans.

Based on its corporate belief that beautiful products (Gem) create new quality (values) in the living space (Living), designing lifestyle with sensibility, Gemliving Design Corporation is developing the retail of handmade furniture, interior products, and order-made furniture.

Our products are all from the original manufacturers and made by qualified artisans. Enjoy your shopping with ease.

  • Miyama

    What Miyama values...

    The user's point of view; products that inspire a vision in the customer as to how they may be used, careful craftsmanship, a sense of fun and surprise... Placing your food on plates, a lively conversation; for such day-to-day life, Miyama creates products with the hope of prolonging the pleasure in using dinner ware.
  • Tokyo Glass

    Tokyo Glass represents products handcrafted by the artists.

    Glass produced by artists using traditional techniques can show various expressions of art, and impress the users of the products. Rather than having items that are just for luxurious display, we hope that customers will enjoy the texture and value of glass crafted for everyday life. We would like to introduce a lifestyle that can give customers a rich experience with sensitive products created by special artisans. (Traditional Glass Crafts)
  • Marusu

    Marusu is a long established lumber merchant in business for over 100 years.

    All of their fine furniture is made by their own carpenters who have acquired traditional craftsmanship skills that laid the groundwork for Japanese manufacturing. With their unique techniques, they handcraft beautiful products that cannot be produced by machines. We would like our customers to discover the experience of having furniture, created by skilled and confident artisans, as part of their daily lives. We also accept order-made inquiries. (Valuable Wood Products)
  • Noko

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